WGS84 Datum

geodetic~ WGS84 Datum

World Geodetic System 1984 (WGS84) is an Earth-centered, Earth-fixed (ECEF) global datum
Name Type Default Description
EARTH_AUTHALIC_RADIUS number Radius of a hypothetical perfect sphere that has the same surface area as the reference ellipsoid
SEMI_MAJOR_AXIS number 6378137.0 a
SEMI_MINOR_AXIS number 6356752.3142 a(1-f)
FLATTENING number 0.0033528106718309896 f
FLATTENING_INVERSE number 298.257223563 1/f
FIRST_ECCENTRICITY_SQUARED number 0.006694380004260827 e^2
LINEAR_ECCENTRICITY number 521854.00842339 sqrt(a^2 - b^2)
AXIS_RATIO number 0.996647189335 b/a